Industry Experts
To Guide You Along The Way
Industry Experts
To Guide You Along The Way
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"Affordability And Quality Are Two Pillars We Rest On"

With our years of knowledge, we have experienced what works well, and what works best. We are experts in delivering, designing, manufacturing and installing solutions for crushing and mining application plants.

We also refurbish and do repairs on all mining equipment, including but not limited to: screens, crushers, feeders and electrical motors. Our in-depth knowledge of how impactful each component of a mining system is, led us to develop skills in how to impeccably maintain these vital elements and as a result, we are now leaders in mining equipment maintenance.


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We believe our industry expertise and focus on interpersonal client relationships are the core of who we are at Minecraft. Affordability and quality are two pillars we rest on to provide the best mining solutions to South Africa. This ensures that you as a client can rest assured that any project you have will fall into the hands of experts and industry leaders that deliver quality mining solutions time and time again.


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Designing sustainable, high-performance buildings requires an integration of architectural and engineered systems into a balanced design of sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Archus merges these practices with the unique requirements and guidelines necessary for advanced technology facilities.


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We have manufactured and supplied many satisfied clients over Africa. We pride ourselves in growing the industry on a regional scale to ensure the mining industry stays on top of the latest developments. This means you get not only a supplier or manufacturer, but an industry expert to guide you in the tide of the available mining equipment. Rest your decisions on our in-depth knowledge.

Our projects are our legacy. We stamp our name only on the best systems and here you can see some of the quality mining projects we have been part of.